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Travel is the desire for life.

Not all classrooms have four walls and not all who wander are lost. Because from time to time you have to get lost to find yourself. Travel has taught us one meaningful life lesson: that exploring the world and getting out of your convenient, comfort zone can change your life in the most unexpected and best ways. We have left our hearts in so many beautiful places. Exploring the world makes us happy, especially from the inside. You take all the new experiences, tastes and smells with you wherever you go.

It’s like that. We all travel for certain reasons. Some of us to open our hearts and eyes and learn from one another. Others travel to lose and find themselves again, to slow down and be fully in the moment. The fact is, we, as an individual, are all so tiny, and in the end we won’t remember the time spent working or checking our phone. Life is more than that. It’s made of love, good food, good friends, good music, road trips, beautiful places, and all of those other little wonders during the journey.

Travelling means crossing new terrain and learning from other cultures. We are all connected in this world. New places, people, environments, experience. That all has a big impact at our perspective, helping us see what really matters most: our wonderful PLANET EARTH.

Music changes every journey.

Music and travel go together like ice cream and chocolate chips. Music can be pretty much an essential part of travelling. That’s why we love being on the road. A road trip without good music? For us, it’s impossible – whether alone or with someone you love. To travel slowly, without any pressure to arrive anywhere. Enjoy the nature you traverse, sleep in the car, stop a lot to admire the view, try out coffee shops, run through a forest, count stars, watch sunsets, swim in the sea, jump into a river, or spend hours at a hidden beach or place – these are just a few reasons to enjoy the ride.

Then, there can be that special song that immediately takes you back to one of these particular places. Guess what, the strongest of our memories abroad are related to particular songs. Music creates memories and can completely change every journey for the good. You can already feel as if you were still there.

"A lot of the time music is some sort of excuse to be a human. It’s like people need that excuse to go and put their arms in the air and sing their hearts out."

- Marcus Mumford -

Music connects people.

Music is one of the best tools for us humans to connect with one another. In this very special way, music is like magic. No matter where you come from, your gender or age, enjoying music together can be extremely powerful to foster connections and propel them forward. Lyrics, melodies and harmonies of a particular song can potentially communicate the message that an artist wants to convey. Musicians sharing a part of themselves in this process. They share a story. And we can join them part of the way.


"Song bird chasing the spirits wind"

Allow us to introduce the wonderful and talented Laura Palicka to you. She is a young nomadic artist originally from Australia, who is travelling the world and playing music. She is one of those kind and crazy souls, who listen with her heart and follows her intuition. Her music is created close to nature and is full of hidden meanings and emotions. As a solo female artists, she shows the world the power of a wild woman’s heart. She is doing her own thing, living her dream, believing in the good in this fast-moving world. In a way, saying that women can do anything if they only believe in themselves. That's bold and inspiring at the same time.

In the following you can read a little conversation with Laura. Take your time and enjoy it :)


Age: 24

City: Currently travelling

Instruments: Mandolin, Ngoni & Guitar

Music genre: Indie, Folk, Singer-Songwriting

Favourite musician: Nature

Favourite dish: I love a good smoothie!


Coffee or tea? Oh no! This is the dilemma of my life I love both.

Mountains or ocean? Right now I would say mountains.

Countryside or city? Countryside

Club-concert or open-air? Open-air

Sweet or salty? Sweet

Late riser or early bird? Newly a early bird

Cooking or delivery? Cooking

Summer or Winter? Summer

Interview: 5 Question to Laura

1. QUESTION: Please introduce yourself briefly. Who is Laura Palicka and what makes her music special?

Hello name is Laura Palicka.

I am a nomadic artist originally from the land down under (Australia). I’m half Slovakian and half Australian.

I am currently in India, where I’m working on some musical projects and collaborating with beautiful travellers I meet along the way of my ventures. I have been travelling for the past 4 years. I love creating music that is close to nature and with emotion. I write a lot of songs, weaving parables and stories into them, often with hidden meanings. I like to make people feel and think about things more deeply. ❤️

2. QUESTION: Do you listen to music while eating? If yes, what kind of music?

Mmmm this is a nice question. Yes! Sometimes – or especially when I am drinking my morning coffee or tea and writing. My mind and life can usually be over stimulated and feel very loud, so I really like to listen to calming instrumental music. I’m really enjoying Òlafur Arnold’s right now :)

3. QUESTION: Who is your inspiration?

Oh wow... too many things inspire me.

The spirit that is in all life, this beautiful planet we are living on. The trees, the sound of the wind, birds songs, being on mountains or in the ocean.

Humans are also very inspiring, I love being in different cultures and groups of people. I’m also inspired by solo female artists who are doing their thing. Although woman have a lot of freedom and opportunity these days, there is still far to go towards equality; when I see solo female artists, it paves a path ahead for me to show what is possible.

4. QUESTION: What was your best (music) experience you had?

Once I went on a long hike in the Himalayas with my guitar. I slept under the stars at the top of some beautiful mountains. I sang to a pack of dogs, some sheep, it was magical and so quiet.

The other was the first concert we ever did with our all female band, LeVaNa.

We did our concert unplugged. The whole room was full but people were silently listening to the whole show. It was a powerful image for me of the healing presence when women come together to support women, and the gentle nurturing qualities of the feminine atmosphere it created.

5. QUESTION: What do you wish for the future?

Oh, I wish for many things for the future. For myself, I’d like to bring my wishes into conscious action, as I can tend to get stuck in my own dream world.

I would wish that all creatures would dwell together in more harmony. That humankind would see its oneness with nature and all living creatures. That we would begin to live differently, more slow paced and in a way that cares for our earth and runs more in sync with our natural cycles.

That there would be real equality between men & woman & healing amongst the sexes. In all counties & cultures.

I would also wish for real racial justice, for the days when we no longer need to protest that black lives matter. For real lasting change and respect for all people.


Please feel free to follow this incredible woman on Spotify and on her You tube channel.

Listen to her album "WOVEN WANDERINGS"

Laura ist a part of L E V A N A 🌙. Levana is a group of female artists who met in the mountains of North India, coming together to share their journey with us.

A big thank you to Laura for taking the time for this interview. We wish you all the best for your future, with lot’s of love and happy moments. We hope that you will reach a lot of people with your wonderful music.

To all the adventurers, magicians, travellers, life addicts and mermaids: never stop dreaming; never stop wandering.

Enjoy the music moments and listen to your belly everyone.

Stay connected.


Photo by Haviwah Thundersong: @haviwah_thundersong

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