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July_Beat of the day: RADU VARGA

"Music is what feelings sound like"

Music can be extremely powerful and affect the way people think, feel and act. For us, it is what feelings sounds like. Music can relax or give energy, and some pieces of music can affect us in deeply personal ways. All you need to do is to be in the moment and just listen. It can help you to forget the world for a while, when everything rages around you. Music has such a big impact on our mood, so we need to choose what we listen to wisely. You are what you listen to. Make sense, right? Music is very personal, and what works for you may be very different from what works for another person. 

Instrumental music is peace.

We love lyrics so much, but over the last few years we have been listening to more and more instrumental music - and not only because of the fact that it fits perfectly to our regular yoga practice. The absence of words allows us a better connection with the peace in general. Our concentration is more focused on our body and our well-being. During a meal, for example, most people prefer relaxing background music. Its role is to create a pleasant ambience at the table, rather than existing as a focus of attention. And we allow ourselves to escape the fast pace. You just feel, instead of being distracted by too many words or/and the song meanings. We need the peace in order to look deeper inside of our body.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

― Bob Marley

Did you know, that the subtle sounds of instrumental ambient music can also reduce anxiety? This kind of ambient music has a high therapeutic potential. To put some time aside to just sit or lie down and be with the music can be helpful for our mental health.

When doing a physical activity such as yoga, for instance, we let ourselves bodies to move with the music. It can be motivating and strengthen our bodies, and allowing the power of the music to affect us. When we feel tense, due to stress or anxiety, this kind of activity uses the energy that the adrenaline response has created, thereby having a calming effect. This is one main reason why so many people are in love with the feeling after yoga. The background music helps to be more in the moment to just breathe and enjoy the yoga flows.


Allow us to introduce you to our gracious and talented friend Radu Varga. Radu´s path is impressive. He started his musical journey at the age of 14, when he picked up an old guitar laying around the house in his home town of Reghin, Romania. At the beginning, his main focus was on electric guitar and rock music; but after having his first guitar lesson at 16 and being immediately fascinated with classical guitar, he started studying it. He followed his intuition and, from then on, Radu has been going regularly to masterclasses with world renowned players and teachers.

Music is more than just entertainment.

For us, Radu is a genius when it comes to classical music; but apart from this music form, he slowly but surely ventured more and more into improvised music. Until now, he has experience in genres such as Bossa Nova, Tangos, Jazz Standards, Soul and Pop - and has continued his musical training with lessons including Jazz Guitar and Funk Bass.

A mixed bag of oriental themes, electronic beats and jazz ideas.

For a few years now, Radu has been experimenting with looping and beat-making, and now electronic music is present in most of the music he does, with genres including hip-hop, trap and deep house. At the same time he discovered a passion for Middle Eastern and East European music, and is also studying Persian santur and Turkish ney - so today his music is a nice mixed bag of oriental themes, electronic beats and jazz ideas.

Following you can read the little talk with Radu. Let yourself taken away. Enjoy reading :)


Age: 30

City: Leipzig (Germany)

Profession: Computer Programmer

Instruments: Guitar, Santur, Romanian Caval, Turkish Ney, Finger Drumming

Music genre: Middle Eastern/Electronic/Jazz

Favourite musician: It's constantly changing.,The latest biggest inspiration for me is Tcha Limberger

Interests: Other than music: art house movies, short stories, hiking, travelling

Favourite dish: A recent favourite is a Ethiopian lentil soup


Coffee or tea? Tea

Mountains or ocean? Mountains

Countryside or city? City

Club-concert or open-air? Club-concert

Sweet or salty? Salty

Late riser or early bird? Late riser and night owl

Cooking or delivery? Cooking

Summer or Winter? Summer

Interview: 5 Question to Radu

1. QUESTION: Please introduce yourself briefly. Who is Radu and what makes his music special?

Hi, I am Radu, born in Romania and currently living in Leipzig. I studied computer science and work part-time in the field, part-time as a musician. I wouldn't go on calling my music special, I am still very much in the process of finding the type of music that I want to do. At the moment I revolve a lot around Middle Eastern music. I am currently learning Persian and Turkish music. At the same time I am more and more interested in Romanian traditional music, and am trying to combine it with some electronic music elements, especially hip hop/beats.

2. QUESTION: Do you listen to music while eating? If yes, what kind of music?

Once in a while, it will be either something very energetic and dance, like Henry Wu, Moodymann, Andersoon Paak, or something in the style of the music I'm currently studying and interested in, which is mostly Turkish, Persian or Romanian traditional music.

3. QUESTION: What meaning does music have for you?

It's like a best friend who's always there for you.

4. QUESTION: What was your best (music) experience and why?

The first one that comes to mind is a D'Angelo concert I was at a few years ago at a festival in Gdynia (Poland). Even though I was as sober as a judge because of the weird festival rule of not being able to drink inside, it and being alone as my girlfriend was attending another concert, I was literally dancing all way through. Although there were amazing musicians in the band, there were almost no solos, everything was about the groove. From the moment they came on stage and up until the finish, the band didn't take any breaks between songs, and as the energy of the last song was rising, D'Angelo said "Thank you, Good night",and a cloud of smoke engulfed the whole band and that was the first moment the crowd could clap. Everybody went crazy and asked for an encore for a long amount of time; but as the smoke disappeared, the band was also gone and didn't come back.

5. QUESTION: What do you wish for the future?

World peace


Close your eyes for a while, forget the world, just listen and enjoy the minimalistic sounds. It is breathtakingly beautiful!

Please feel free to follow this incredible musician on Soundcloud and on his You tube channel. Follow Radu on Soundcloud.

A big thank you to Radu for taking the time for this interview. We wish you all the best for your future and hope that you will reach a lot of people with your wonderful music. See you soon somewhere sometime :)

Guys, enjoy the music moments and listen to your belly everyone.

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